FAQ Category: Personal Injury Categories

Our attorneys are highly skilled in handling all matters concerning professional malpractice. In general terms, professional malpractice occurs when a doctor, health care provider or any other professional does not treat a medical condition properly.  As a result of the improper treatment, either a new or aggravated injury is caused to the patient or in […]

Medical Malpractice

The attorneys at Knight & Whittington, LLC., are well-known for their experience in defective products liability matters.  We represent customers who are injured by defective products, as they have the right to collect damages from the seller or manufacturer of the product. A product is considered to be defective if it is unreasonably dangerous to […]

Products Liability

Wrongful death is the term used when a person has died due to the deliberate, reckless, or negligent actions of another individual, company or business.  Our attorneys represent the deceased’s family members or representatives of the deceased’s estate in these matters. We strive to compensate family members who have suffered financially and emotionally from a […]

Wrongful Death

At Knight & Whittington, LLC., we represent injured parties in matters resulting from accident and injury claims to include automobile and motorcycle wrecks, catastrophic vehicular, airplane, tire or seatbelt defects, vehicle rollovers, and any occurrences which result in wrongful death.  We also handle cases with regard to acts of negligence or others which cause injury […]

Accident & Injury Claims

The area of law concerning accidents that occur on-the-job.  Every South Carolina employer with four or more employees has a statutory obligation to maintain workers’ compensation insurance for the benefit of its employees Knight & Whittington, LLC. has handled large numbers of workers’ compensation claims and we are skilled in reaching each client’s personal goals.  […]

Workers’ Compensation