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… In all areas of legal practice, the firm is committed to high standards of professionalism and ethics.

Personal Injury Auto Accident

Personal Injury

We strive to obtain fair compensation for those injured due to the negligence of others.

Knight & Whittington, LLC., represents clients throughout South Carolina who have been seriously injured, are struggling to pay medical bills, and having difficulty providing for their families after a negligent act causing personal injury.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed through the negligent actions of another, protect your legal rights and contact an attorney who understands the nuances of South Carolina personal injury law before speaking to an insurance company or signing any insurance settlement form.

Personal Injury Categories

The area of law concerning accidents that occur on-the-job.  Every South Carolina employer with four or more employees has a statutory obligation to maintain workers’ compensation insurance for the benefit of its employees

Knight & Whittington, LLC. has handled large numbers of workers’ compensation claims and we are skilled in reaching each client’s personal goals.  We provide representation at all levels of the negotiation, hearing and appellate process for those injured by accident or negligence while performing his or her normal job duties.

At Knight & Whittington, LLC., we represent injured parties in matters resulting from accident and injury claims to include automobile and motorcycle wrecks, catastrophic vehicular, airplane, tire or seatbelt defects, vehicle rollovers, and any occurrences which result in wrongful death.  We also handle cases with regard to acts of negligence or others which cause injury to you or your family.

We are experienced in representing those individuals who have been injured due to the negligence of another party whether it be another person, company, corporation or business.

Our firm represents clients in all of the following areas:

  • Automobile accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Catastrophic vehicular, airplane or machinery accidents
  • Vehicle rollovers
  • Defective Products
  • Medical Negligence
  • Chemical exposure
  • Dog bites
  • Any occurrences which result in wrongful death
  • Any cases with regard to acts of negligence

Wrongful death is the term used when a person has died due to the deliberate, reckless, or negligent actions of another individual, company or business.  Our attorneys represent the deceased’s family members or representatives of the deceased’s estate in these matters.

We strive to compensate family members who have suffered financially and emotionally from a wrongful death.  We pursue cases which occur as a result of medical malpractice, automobile injuries, defective products, or criminal attacks.

The attorneys at Knight & Whittington, LLC., are well-known for their experience in defective products liability matters.  We represent customers who are injured by defective products, as they have the right to collect damages from the seller or manufacturer of the product.

A product is considered to be defective if it is unreasonably dangerous to the user of the product because of the defective design or inadequate warnings of the dangers associated with the use of the product.  Products could range from defective seat-belts or other automotive parts to prescription medications.

Our attorneys are highly skilled in handling all matters concerning professional malpractice. In general terms, professional malpractice occurs when a doctor, health care provider or any other professional does not treat a medical condition properly.  As a result of the improper treatment, either a new or aggravated injury is caused to the patient or in some cases, death.

Professional malpractice cases include, but are not limited to, the medical profession.

Civil Litigation Business

General Civil Litigation

Knight & Whittington, LLC. assists corporations, small businesses, non-profits, start-ups, family owned businesses, and entrepreneurs. Our attorneys’ diversity and experience allows us to provide legal advice in the context of your business.
We strive to build strong relationships with our clients, to be responsive to their legal needs, and to exceed client expectations in the quality of our work.

While we pride ourselves on our ability to succeed in the courtroom, Knight & Whittington, LLC., litigation lawyers will always seek the most cost-effective way to resolve your litigation problems.

Litigation Categories

Our attorneys represent businesses in a broad range of commercial litigations, including complex contract and antitrust litigation.
Commercial litigation encompasses a broad range to include both simple and complex litigation matters relating to contract actions, actions for accounting, partnership disputes, and actions concerning shareholder disputes, as well as breach of warranty claims, fraud practices, breach of contract, and unfair competition.

Real Estate Property Purchase Refinance

Real Estate Law

When a sale or purchase of real estate is made, a closing is necessary to legally transfer the property.  At Knight & Whittington, LLC., we handle an average of sixty real estate closings per month.  We represent buyers and sellers during the closing process in both residential and commercial real estate matters.  Our experienced real estate division will make sure your rights are protected at the closing on your property.

Real Estate Categories

Knight & Whittington Law Firm, LLC., represents clients dealing with real estate ownership and development.  Disputes with respect to Real Property Litigation often involve matters such as boundary and easement litigation and suits to quiet title, as well as covenants, codes and restrictions governing the property.

You have the right to select your own closing attorney in your Real Estate purchase or refinance transaction.

criminal offense drug possession dui traffic violation

Criminal Defense

The need for representation should not be dismissed for any types of charges, from a traffic citation to suspension of a driver’s license.  Often overlooked are the repercussions that a criminal conviction of any type can have on one’s driver’s license.  Knight & Wittington, LLC has the competence and expertise to be your advocate when you need it most.  Because it is in a client’s best interests to seek the counsel of a criminal defense attorney as early as possible, Knight & Whittington, LLC offers a free initial consultation for new clients in need of defense for any criminal charges.

Criminal Defense

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and Driving with an Unlawful Alcohol Concentration (DUAC) are significant criminal offenses in South Carolina.  While it may seem easy to simply pay the fine and avoid the hassle and expense of hiring an attorney to contest a DUI or DUAC, it is important to understand that paying the fine will result in a criminal conviction that can bring life-altering consequences including:  loss of or restrictions to your driver’s license, loss of employment or future employment opportunities, loss of your professional license, dramatically increased auto insurance rates, required installation of an ignition interlock device in your vehicle,  and potentially even jail time.

If you or a loved one has been charged with DUI or DUAC, your family has a lot at stake.  It is vitally important that you consult with an attorney who is well-versed with the laws and procedures regarding DUI and DUAC in South Carolina as soon as possible after arrest.  There are administrative and other deadlines that must be met to preserve your rights under the law.

Alcohol and drug possession offenses, even misdemeanors, can have a significant effect on your reputation, livelihood, educational or professional career, and even your liberty.  Even convictions for alcohol offenses such as Public Drinking, Public Drunkenness, Minor in Possession or Open Container can cause unexpected consequences including loss of your job or professional license and loss of educational scholarships or financial aid.  If you are accused of possessing even a miniscule amount of marijuana in South Carolina, you will face criminal a charge.  Unlike in other states including North Carolina, first offense simple possession of marijuana has not been decriminalized here.  For this reason, you could be facing jail time for possession of well under an ounce of marijuana.  A second offense of simple possession of marijuana can bring up to one year in prison.  Misdemeanor possession of cocaine or methamphetamine can bring up to three years in prison.

If you are a family member has been charged with an alcohol or drug possession offense, it is imperative that you consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney prior to going to court.  There are often opportunities for first-time or even repeat alcohol or drug offenders to have charges reduced or even diverted.  A seasoned criminal defense attorney can guide you or your loved one through this process and work to protect your rights and your future.

Whether you have a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) or a regular license, it is important to understand the impact of a conviction for a traffic offense can have on your future ability to earn a living or support your family.   Convictions for Reckless Driving, Leaving the Scene, Failure to Stop for a Blue Light and in some instances even a Speeding , Too Fast for Conditions or Disregarding a Stop Sign or Red Light  ticket can result in revocation or suspension of your license or significantly impact your insurability or employability.   Convictions for traffic offenses can be especially detrimental to younger and less experienced drivers.  Whether you have a CDL or a regular license, it is important to make an informed decision before paying any traffic ticket or admitting to a traffic offense.

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